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Send messages in bulk, add members to your chats and more...
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    Can work with thousands of accounts and users simultaneously. A perfect choice for people who value their time.
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    We implement new Telegram features extremely fast. Join us to always have the latest technology right at your hand.
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    This software is full of technological advances. Try out a product built by professionals.
18 amazing features
Send private messages in bulk. There are 12 sending modes of available.
Adds users to your chats. Works with up to 100 chats simultaneously.
Collects a list of users from chats and channels. Has 6 filters type available (last online time, gender etc.)
Open any Telegram account in one click. All features from official Telegram apps are available.
Views users' stories and leaves likes under them. As a result, users will be likely to visit your profile.
Talks to users who write to your DMs. Allows to customize which messages are sent. Fully imitates a conversation with a real person.
Creates a new session on your account and closes the old ones. Now, the only person who has access to your accounts is you.
Allows to clone a specified chat. Creates a full imitation of real people talking in your chat. Copies the names, profile pictures, bio of the original users.
Allows to create a full copy of the specified channel.
Sends reports to the specified target in bulk (users, bots, chats, channels). Helps to ban the target.
Allows to convert accounts between "session" format and "tdata".
Checks whether given phone numbers are registered in Telegram. Provides the full information about the users that were found.
Allows to create chats and channels in bulk according to the specified configuration.
A set of useful features: adding members, reactions, votes etc.
A set of features for working with your accounts.
Purchase a full license and get all the features!
When new features are added you will get them for free ❤️
The best technology – for you
Accounts manager
  • Important information is always at your hand
  • 9different filters – to quickly find suitable accounts
  • 10+ account actions
  • Sort account using folders or roles
TeleRaptor Web
  • Open any account in one click
  • Connects via proxy and saves accounts from bans
  • A full set of Telegram features available
A professional message editor
  • An accurate preview of the message
  • 7 types of text formatting
  • Many messages types are supported (text, media, voice messages, round videos, forwarded messages etc.)
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